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Life Balance Speaker – Topic Summaries

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Improving the Quality of Your Journey – presentation summary
Americans have so normalized activity overload that “busy, busy, busy” has become the all-too-familiar mantra for the new millennium. As one of the most sought after women motivational speakers, Dr. Mom is proud to offer this informative, entertaining, and motivational life balance message, which is one of her most frequently requested programs.

Other Work-Life Balance Presentation Topics Include:

  • Keys to Contentment: Insights from Positive Psychology that Increase Happiness and Well-Being
  • The Art of Growing Older

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Breastfeeding Promotion and Management Speaker – Topic Summaries

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Breastfeeding Presentation Summaries

Breastfeeding: A Public Health Priority – Presentation Summaryprofessional keynote speaker breastfeeding
This introductory presentation reviews the dose-related, infant and maternal, compelling health benefits of breastfeeding that provide the rationale for current infant feeding recommendations, the Healthy People 2020 breastfeeding objectives, and the widespread promotion of breastfeeding as a national public health priority, Dr. Neifert will briefly review diverse national breastfeeding initiatives and invite participants to identify their own “piece of the breastfeeding puzzle” and to strengthen their professional commitment to partner with multidisciplinary colleagues in improving support for breastfeeding mothers.

Baby-Friendly Designation! – Implementing the “Ten Steps” to Successful Breastfeeding – Presentation Summary
Despite the brevity of the post-birth hospitalization, mounting evidence confirms that making institutional changes in maternity care practices can significantly increase breastfeeding initiation and duration rates. This presentation will educate health professionals concerning the “whys” and “hows” of implementing the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative’s Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. The program also will discuss effective strategies to prepare expectant mothers for an optimal hospital breastfeeding experience.

Overcoming Early Breastfeeding Challenges – Presentation Summary
The first postpartum week represents a critical period in the establishment of successful breastfeeding practices and the promotion of an abundant milk supply. This presentation will address various infant biologic variables—including late-preterm birth and neonatal jaundice–that can negatively impact the infant’s ability to latch on to the breast, suckle effectively, extract milk, and promote ongoing production. Identifying newborns at risk for ineffective breastfeeding and helping ensure that women establish an abundant milk supply are key foundations to promoting exclusive and extended breastfeeding.

Keeping Breastfeeding Going: Troubleshooting Common Problems – Presentation Summary
While nearly 80% of U.S. mothers choose to breastfeed, many encounter lactation difficulties that prevent them from achieving optimal infant feeding recommendations or their own breastfeeding goals. This presentation addresses the prevention, recognition, and clinical management of the common maternal and infant breastfeeding concerns that often lead to early weaning

Keys to a Plentiful Milk Supply – Presentation Summary
Concerns about producing enough milk prevent many women from reaching their breastfeeding goals. This presentation will offer strategies to help women establish and maintain a plentiful milk supply throughout their baby’s first year. Topics to be discussed include: the critical importance of the first two weeks in establishing an abundant milk supply; the essential role of “prevention pumping” among mothers of infants at risk for inadequate breastfeeding; avoiding common “insults” that can decrease a previously generous milk supply, and much more.

“Just a Few Weeks Early:” Breastfeeding Challenges in Late-Preterm Infants – Presentation Summary
This presentation will address the special breastfeeding challenges among late-preterm infants and offer helpful guidelines to ensure a plentiful milk supply and a thriving baby. The extra investment of time and effort to safeguard early breastfeeding among these vulnerable newborns can set the stage for long-term successful breastfeeding.

The Important Role of Lactation Consultants and Breastfeeding Proponents in Reducing SIDS and Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths – Presentation Summary
Lactation consultants and other health professionals who work with expectant and new mothers have the opportunity and ethical responsibility to help reduce preventable sleep-associated deaths in infancy. This session will explore the environmental, biologic, and social risk factors for SIDS and acute suffocation or strangulation in bed (ASSB) and review the latest American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement and Technical Report on “SIDS and Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths.” Dr. Neifert will also discuss the newly launched NIH “Safe to Sleep Campaign.”

Using Motivational Interviewing Techniques with Breastfeeding Clients – Presentation Summary
This presentation will help diverse health care workers use MI techniques to draw out their clients’ own resources and motivation for change, by connecting with their personal values and goals. Participants will learn how to use core MI interviewing skills—open questions, affirmations, reflective listening, and summarizing of key themes–to encourage clients to voice their own arguments for behavior change.

Applying Evidenced-Based Strategies to Increase Exclusive and Extended Breastfeeding – Presentation Summary
A growing body of research evidence confirms that the improved health outcomes associated with breastfeeding are dose-related, with exclusive breastfeeding for six months conferring the maximum infant and maternal health benefits. This session will briefly summarize the recent literature identifying evidence-based clinical strategies that promote exclusive breastfeeding. In addition, Dr. Neifert will share effective counseling strategies targeting the common barriers that undermine exclusive breastfeeding.

Insufficient Milk Syndrome – Presentation Summary
This presentation reviews the magnitude of the problem of lactation insufficiency and distinguishes rare “primary” (non-preventable, non-remediable) causes of insufficient milk (including breast surgery and breast variations) from common, often remediable, “secondary” causes linked to poor breastfeeding management.

Comprehensive Lactation Management for Multi-Disciplinary Health Professionals – Presentation Summary
This two-day Comprehensive Lactation Management training will provide up-to-date, evidence-based, clinically-relevant information to help equip diverse health professionals to effectively assess and manage lactation challenges in expectant mothers, breastfeeding women, and nursing infants. By bringing primary care providers, public health staff, and other community partners to the same educational venue, participants can better recognize their piece of the “breastfeeding puzzle” and appreciate the contributing roles played by diverse colleagues.

Comprehensive Breastfeeding Training for WIC Professional and Paraprofessional Staff – Presentation Summary
This comprehensive 3-day training is designed to prepare WIC professional and selected paraprofessional staff to provide effective assessment and counseling for expectant women and breastfeeding clients who have been identified as high risk per the NRF 52 description. Practical, clinically relevant information will be presented and supplemented with a course syllabus of resource materials and a variety of practicum opportunities.

Life in Balance: Improving the Quality of Your Journey – Presentation Summary
In addressing the universal quest of contemporary life – finding a balance – Dr. Mom offers timeless practical life-strategies to equip lactation consultants and other health professionals to clarify governing values, establish priorities, reduce stress, downscale and simplify, cultivate healthy coping skills, and promote essential self-care.

Keys to Contentment: Insights from Positive Psychology that Increase Happiness and Well-Being – Presentation Summary
In this professional development session, Dr. Mom will review life-changing principles of positive psychology—the scientific study of optimal human functioning–to promote positive emotions, optimism, and well-being. Leave the session empowered to begin incorporating happiness-boosting insights, attitudes, and practices into your daily routines to generate positive energy and keep you and your staff more engaged with life.

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Expert and Positive Parenting Speaker – Topics Summaries

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Self-Esteem and Emotional Health – presentation summary
Of all the awesome responsibilities parents assume, few are more daunting than helping children develop healthy self-esteem. Self-esteem – a composite inner picture about one’s worth and competence – is one of the most important, and yet misunderstood, concepts in parenting.

Parenting with Love and Limits – presentation summary
Few aspects of parenting provoke as much trepidation as managing children’s behavior–and for good reason. Ineffective discipline methods can leave parents feeling frustrated and children feeling misunderstood, causing damage to the parent-child relationship.


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Spirituality and Christian Women’s Retreat – Topic Summaries

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Female Role Overload and the Quest for Balance – presentation summary
Even women of faith know the feeling – too much to do and too little time or energy to do it all well. This program is for women in every season of life who want to exercise greater spiritual discernment in choosing when to “go and do” and when to “sit and be filled.” Discover how intimate daily encounters with our Lord serve to refresh our spirits and replace our cares and worries with the reassuring peace, presence, and power of God.

Happiness and the Abundant Life – presentation summary
This program will explore the Biblical basis for the contemporary principles of positive psychology that promote authentic happiness and the abundant life. Discover simple, life-changing insights, attitudes, and practices that create more positive energy and enable us to live at the upper end of our inborn level of happiness–recognizing and celebrating the fundamental goodness of life.

Healing and Wholeness: Transformative Encounters with Jesus in the Gospels – presentation summary
This program/retreat is for every woman who desires a closer relationship with God, longs to experience God’s unconditional love, and seeks to be called to new life in Christ. Re-discover Jesus as a living, transformative presence…to meet and journey with every day.

All in the Family Parenting Series – presentation summary
This program is aimed at helping parents fulfill their responsibilities and reap the abundant rewards of the important stewardship and awesome privilege of parenting. Learn to apply Biblical principles to foster your child’s self-esteem, promote desired behavior, effectively handle misbehavior, and teach responsibility.

God’s Model for Promoting Healthy Self-Esteem in Children – presentation summary
Self-esteem—a composite inner picture about one’s worth and competence—is one of the most important, and yet misunderstood, concepts in parenting. Dr. Mom will provide practical strategies for helping children feel unconditionally loved and worthy and capable of handling the choices, challenges, and changes of life.

Teaching Children about Faith – presentation summary
Young children, with their unbridled imagination and magical sense of wonder, have an innate desire to know God. Learn how to transmit spiritual beliefs as a routine part of daily life and help children formulate a positive image of God.

Other Spirituality Presentation Topics Include:

  • Faithful Aging: A Christian Perspective on Growing Older
  • Forgiveness and Healing
  • A Christian View of Suffering and Evil

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