Spokesperson Roles

Dr. Neifert has extensive media experience, and makes an ideal guest for event-associated media coverage. She has given hundreds of television and radio interviews, completed several national book tours, fulfilled multiple spokesperson roles, and conducted numerous satellite and radio media tours. Dr. Mom’s television experience includes guest appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, 20/20, Sonja Live, CNN, Leeza Show, Home Show, Hour Magazine, and many other national and local programs. The best health and wellness speakers make the best motivational speakers, and Dr. Mom always delivers a powerful message that truly impacts her audience.

Professional Keynote Speaker Dr. Mom has:

  • Served as one of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Media spokespersons since 1990.
  • Served as a Spokesperson for the National Peanut Board from 2001 – 2008, conducting satellite and radio media tours to promote healthy eating in children.
  • Fulfilled several Spokesperson Roles between 1994 and 2000.
  • Conducted an annual media tour to promote School Breakfast as a Spokesperson for The National Dairy Council, 1992 – 1998.
  • Appeared weekly as a guest on KUSA – TV’s Good Afternoon Colorado to provide children’s health messages, 1991 – 1992.
  • Completed a national book tour for Dr. Mom’s Parenting Guide in 1991 (hardback) and 1992 (paperback).
  • Participated in media training six times since 1991.
  • Completed a national media tour as a Spokesperson for an RSV Public Awareness Campaign in 1991.
  • Participated in seven video news releases since 1990.
  • Appeared intermittently as a guest on ABC’s Home Show from 1989 – 1992.
  • Completed a national book tour for Dr. Mom: A Guide to Baby and Child Care in 1986 (hardback) and 1987 (paperback).

The best health and wellness speakers are also the best motivational speakers – Call Dr. Mom at 303-841-0205 if you are looking for a speaker for your conference, seminar or  event.