An Imbalance of Family Power

Many well-intentioned parents over-indulge their children in a misguided attempt to help them feel loved and special. However, daily giving in to children’s whims and wants prevents them from learning to handle frustration and develop self-control, respect, and cooperation. Furthermore, children of pushover parents, who are given too much family power, become anxious, fearful, angry […]

Life in Balance: 20 Daily Happiness Boosters

20 Daily Practices that Promote Happiness and Engagement with Life Authored by Marianne Neifert, MD, MTS – Dr. Mom® Professional Speaker on Topics such as Positive Parenting, Work Life Balance, Breastfeeding Promotion and Support, Personal Growth, and Family Spirituality Remember that it takes repetitions of 21-30 days to establish a new habit. Express Gratitude—Gratitude focuses […]