Positive Discipline: Effective Strategies for Redirecting Misbehavior (Part 1)

by Dr. Mom®   Although preventive strategies go a long way toward decreasing problem behavior, even the most cooperative children sometimes misbehave. By choosing a suitable response from a wide variety of options, you can help your child correct his behavior without dealing a blow to his self-esteem or your relationship. Depending on your child’s […]

Positive Discipline: Additional Strategies for Redirecting Misbehavior (Part 2)

by Dr. Mom® Beyond the effective consequences outlined in Part 1, the following supplementary techniques represent additional tools to help ensure that your use of discipline remains a positive learning experience.  Distractions and Environmental Modifications.    Discipline for babies under a year of age requires vigilant supervision and a baby-proof environment where an infant can safely explore. […]

Positive Discipline: Why Kids Need Rules

Rules and limits provide the framework around which children organize their learning. Having realistic boundaries helps children understand what behavior is expected of them and what will happen if they don’t comply. Age-appropriate rules that are consistently enforced in an atmosphere of love and affection offer children the following benefits: Firm limits reassure children that […]