Breastfeeding Myths

Most expectant and new mothers know that breastfeeding is recommended as the healthiest way to feed a baby, with approximately 70 percent of U.S. mothers now opting to nurse their newborns. Yet myths and misinformation about breastfeeding still abound and contribute to the diverse barriers that prevent some women from beginning or continuing to breastfeed. […]

Raising a Moral Child

As parents, we want our children to grow up to be good, kind people who are happy and successful. But while “values” is a popular buzzword these days, we’re not always sure of the best way to give our kids the solid foundation they need to withstand the inevitable growing pains and stresses of life. […]

Ask Dr. Mom: Rash Decisions

Q. My 9-month-old son recently developed a particularly bad diaper rash. I’ve been treating it with the same ointment I have used for him before, but this time it hasn’t helped. My mother says he got the rash because he’s cutting a new tooth. Is this true? What else can I do? A. Almost every […]

Sibling Rivalry Solutions

6 ways to stop sibling fighting © Stephanie Rausser It’s a fact of life: Siblings squabble. Ways to help make peace now and set them up for friendship later: Don’t play the blame game. Toddlers and preschoolers lack the problem-solving skills to settle spats, so they’ll need your help (and patience) to learn to share […]

The 7 Secrets of Successful Parents

My life has been devoted to children and families  — my own, and those I’ve encountered in my career as a pediatrician. My first baby was born only a few months before I started medical school, and my fifth child arrived seven years later, on the final day of my pediatric residency. These two paths  — medicine […]

The Confidence Game

Building a block tower that won’t topple, speaking so that grown-ups understand you, navigating a forkful of food without spilling most of it. Toddlerhood is filled with struggles to master tasks both large and small. It’s no wonder that these years are also filled with toddler tantrums and frustration. Much of the behavior we label […]

The Right Time to Supplement

Q. I read your article on breastfeeding in the August issue, and as a breastfeeding counselor, I disagree with your advice to a nursing mom whose baby wasn’t gaining weight well. You recommended nursing every three hours for five to ten minutes at each breast, removing breast milk via a pump, and then supplementing the […]

Tummy Time

Q  My baby is 3 weeks old, and I recently heard two friends talking about “tummy time.” What exactly is this and how much does my baby need? A Now that babies are put to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), infants are spending less time on their […]

Finding a Balance: Ten Life Lessons for Healing Harried Lives, Part 1

by DR. MOM® The following life lessons represent Dr. Mom’s ten step prescription for leading a balanced life and finding true contentment. Getting off the fast track doesn’t mean that women need to stop making meaningful contributions, setting lofty goals, juggling competing priorities, or aspiring to be their best. It is about relinquishing the need […]

Finding a Balance: Ten Life Lessons for Healing Harried Lives, Part 2

by DR. MOM®   What specific things can I do to downscale and simplify my life? 6. Resolve to Grow Older, Not Just Get Older. Simplifying doesn’t mean we stop risking and growing; it’s about uncluttering our lives to focus more energy on our continued self-discovery and healthy risk-taking outside our comfort zone. The process of […]