The Perils of the Superwoman Persona

by Dr. Mom® Women today enjoy opportunities their own mothers could only dream of. Yet, instead of feeling “liberated” by the women’s movement, many are burdened with an overwhelming sense of responsibility and suffer from toxic overload. The glamour of expanded role opportunities has become a double-edged sword–effectively removing restrictive gender roles, while increasing expectations […]

Positive Parenting Tip: The Use and Misuse of Rewards

The Use and Misuse of Rewards The effective use of tangible rewards and social reinforcers can be powerful incentives for shaping children’s behavior. Rewarding desired behavior promotes learning and helps parents focus on what their child does right, instead of reacting to misbehavior. Positive reinforcement can be highly effective in establishing a new pattern of […]

Discover Common Ways to Help Your Children Cope with Grief and Loss

Helping Children Cope with Grief and Loss A child may experience grief and loss due to the death of a family member, close friend, or beloved pet; parental separation or divorce; military deployment of a parent; move from familiar surroundings; diagnosis of a chronic illness; or other life-altering event. Parents often underestimate the impact of […]

Different Discipline Styles for Different Children

Did You Know There are Different Discipline Styles for Different Children? With only a verbal reminder, your nine year-old daughter starts cleaning her room or doing her homework. But when you tell her younger brother to put his toys away or get dressed for school, he ignores your repeated requests and stalls or argues until […]

Tips for Feeding Your Breastfed Baby with a Bottle

Looking for Ways to Feed your Breastfed Baby with a Bottle? Some breastfed newborns and infants will have a medical need for supplemental milk (expressed breast milk, donor milk or infant formula) before breastfeeding is well established. In most instances, this extra milk is fed to the baby in a bottle. When a baby breastfeeds, […]

Tips for Introducing a Bottle to Your Breastfed Baby

How to Introduce a Bottle to Your Breastfed Baby By choice or necessity, most breastfeeding moms these days will express their milk, either occasionally or regularly. If your baby ever needs to drink your expressed breast milk, she most likely will take it from a bottle. Young babies (under about seven months of age) require […]

An Imbalance of Family Power

Many well-intentioned parents over-indulge their children in a misguided attempt to help them feel loved and special. However, daily giving in to children’s whims and wants prevents them from learning to handle frustration and develop self-control, respect, and cooperation. Furthermore, children of pushover parents, who are given too much family power, become anxious, fearful, angry […]

Life in Balance: 20 Daily Happiness Boosters

20 Daily Practices that Promote Happiness and Engagement with Life Authored by Marianne Neifert, MD, MTS – Dr. Mom® Professional Speaker on Topics such as Positive Parenting, Work Life Balance, Breastfeeding Promotion and Support, Personal Growth, and Family Spirituality Remember that it takes repetitions of 21-30 days to establish a new habit. Express Gratitude—Gratitude focuses […]

Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Behave – and Want To

On any given day you’ve probably had two or three showdowns with your child over everything from brushing her teeth to getting in the car seat  — all before lunch. But contrary to how things may seem, most kids like to behave in a manner that makes them (and you) proud  — at least most […]

Homework Help

1. Talk to your child’s teacher. Find out the homework policies, including how involved you’re expected to be. That way, you can keep your child on track. 2. Help her get organized. When she has a re-port or other long-term project to do, find out the deadlines for each task she needs to complete along […]

How To Help Each Child Feel Loved

All of us harbor some fantasies about the ways our children will turn out. But they don’t come into this world to fulfill a script we’ve already chosen for them. Fostering a unique sense of self in each of our children involves what I call learning to honor the person in every child  — that is, […]